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MODU means think, build, play and take apart again!

MODU stands for functionality and sustainability. It is a modular system of blocks that your little explorers can connect and assemble into all kinds of constructions and play elements. MODU promotes dexterity, balance and hand-eye coordination. It is sustainable and durable and grows with your child. Modu always adapts to the current needs and motor development of your child.

  • suitable from 6 months to 6 years
  • simple, neutral design with color accents
  • inspires open play
  • educational toy
  • encourages creativity and imagination
  • promotes motor development and physical activity
  • soft and durable material
  • durable, safe and versatile
  • recyclable and 100% free of harmful substances
  • easy to clean
  • various extension kits available
  • developed and designed in Copenhagen

With MODU kits everything is allowed!

With MODU there are no fixed rules! With the blocks, wheels and connectors, every child creates their own play world. Driving favorite animals or vehicles, tables, chairs, castles, boats or mountains. There are no limits to creativity. Depending on the motor skills MODU grows with your child. And if more building blocks, wheels or connecting elements are needed: No problem! With MODU, everything is compatible with everything else.

Tip: Should your little animals ever lose their legs or your race car have a flat tire? No problem! The material of the MODU blocks can expand a bit over time, so the wheels won't fit quite as tightly as they did in the beginning. Just put the blocks in the bathtub! The water helps to compact the material again. Now all the legs and wheels should be tight again and there should be no more mishaps.

Which MODU KITS are available?

You can choose between three MODU Kits. Depending on the model you get different numbers of building blocks, wheels and connectors and creation possibilities.

  • MODU Curiosity: the small starter set
  • MODU Explorer: for more experienced builders
  • MODU Dreamer: leaves no MODU dreams unfulfilled

If you have even bigger wishes and building ideas, combine the individual kits with each other. Or buy additional building blocks, wheels or connecting elements. As already mentioned, everything is compatible with everything else. So why not combine a Dreamer Kit with a Dreamer Kit. And maybe an Explorer as well? There are no limits!

MODU building blocks are soft and safe

MODU is made of durable, non-toxic and recyclable EVA foam that is free of BPA and phthalates. All Modu elements are regularly certified by independent laboratories: MODU is CE certified and complies with the European standard for toys, EN 71.

The material is soft and safe. It is durable and can be easily cleaned. Just wipe it with hot water, take it in the bath or put it in the dishwasher.

MODU stands for sustainability & social responsibility.

Sustainable toys with a long life cycle that are fun and interesting for children for years to come. That's MODU. Especially in the first years of life, babies and toddlers learn incredibly fast and develop rapidly. MODU is a toy that adapts to the different stages of life. It is truly multifunctional and manages to make children not outgrow MODU so quickly. As MODU likes to say, "A toy that helps grow and grows with you!"

MODU is manufactured by two carefully selected toy manufacturers in Denmark and the Far East. Both companies meet European standards and all products are manufactured under controlled, safe and fair conditions. Human rights, labor laws, anti-corruption and environmental protection are paramount.

The idea behind MODU

The creative blocks were designed by a young dedicated team in Copenhagen. The goal was to design a durable and playful toy that helps children develop and promote motor skills. Through minimalist design, MODU is very much in the tradition of Scandinavian toy design. Functionality, sustainability and aesthetics play a central role. The blocks are deliberately kept in a subtle light gray so that the models fit into any home. Small color accents on rods and wheels provide a fun contrast.

MODU has already been awarded numerous prizes. Among them is the internationally recognized RED DOT Design Award in the category "Product Design."

Kinder und Jugend Innovation Award 2019
reddot award 2019
danish design award 2019
baby innovation design winner 2020
german design award special 2022

What to build? - Here are a few MODU inspirations:

Let your imagination run wild or find exciting building instructions on the Internet. In every MODU kit there is already an instruction for first inspirations. And of course, there are no limits to your own creativity.

We love the sustainable blocks and their multifunctionality. The soft material makes it especially pleasant to romp around on them even barefoot.

How about a barefoot parkour through the living room, for example? Build small and large stepping stones together and maybe even a bridge, secure wobbly blocks with a stick and off you go! Who do you think is the fastest? Who is brave enough to try it blindfolded? Can dad do the same? Good luck!

WALK Create varied walkers that teach your kids step by step how to stand on their own two feet and have a lot of fun doing it!

ROCK UP and DOWN! Design your own individual rocking animal or vehicle. A great first balance training!

RIDING Small racing cars or galloping animals are for little racers who are already a little more sure on their feet and need to get a feeling of movement. With their own vehicle, it is then great to gallop around the house.

BALANCING Rounded elements promote balance and a secure body feeling. Whether standing, sitting or on the stomach. Who balances the longest?

CLIMBING MODU blocks can be anything - for example, mountains, towers or steps to climb. Climbing trains all kinds of motor skills.

CRAWL At the very beginning, the soft MODU elements can already be explored, material and shape admired and explored.

JUMPING Build fascinating obstacle courses and discover together with your children how much fun movement is!