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Toys made of wood - diverse, natural, stimulating the imagination

Nowadays, there is a huge range of toys that stimulate children's imagination. Wooden toys occupy an important place among them. Do you still remember your childhood, when you played with great wooden toys? With a store completely made of wood? Or with a wooden train set? Or was it the dollhouse that your parents lovingly designed for you?

Toys made of wood were and are popular. It is available in all colors and shapes. Especially in times when environmental awareness is getting stronger, parents like to reach for wooden toys. We at HERR UND FRAU KLEIN can understand this very well and have therefore put together a nice selection of high quality wooden toys for you in our store.


Wooden toys are stable and, as a non-toxic material, harmless to health, as long as they are made of untreated solid wood.

Wooden toys are suitable for children of all ages. There are already beautiful wooden toys for babies, as well as for children of elementary school age and beyond.

The advantages of wooden toys

Toy manufacturers are constantly developing new toys. However, often these are made of plastic, are noisy and interactive. While such toys can play an important role in child development, they rarely have educational value. It is different with wooden toys. The applications are many and the advantages are clear:

  • Wooden toys know no age
    Even our grandparents and great-grandparents played with wooden toys. Wooden toys do not age and we recommend that despite all the novelties, you also rely on the tried and tested.

  • Wooden toys are stable and safe
    Who would have thought: children do not always treat toys with love and care. Wooden toys withstand the sometimes rough handling and can often be passed on over several generations. In addition, wood is considered harmless to health.

  • Wooden toys promote imagination and practical skills
    Wooden toys allow your child to create their own play scenarios, using their imagination. From simple shapes like blocks, circles and triangles to everyday objects and wooden cars, your child can use wooden toys in a variety of ways and creatively incorporate them into their play. And incidentally, toys in the form of household objects or food encourage practical skills in a fun way.

  • Wooden toys strengthen communication and are less distracting
    No child likes to play alone. Especially when reenacting real life, wooden toys can support communication with other children. How? Since it does not speak or act in any other way, the child needs a playmate. Wooden toys are rarely played with by just one child. And during play, a conversation automatically ensues. The absence of sound effects means that the child is much more focused and learns to concentrate without distraction while playing.

  • Promoting logical thinking through wooden toys
    Since wooden toys cannot be limited to a specific activity, they can actually be used to play with anything. Children just need to figure out what and how. This stimulates logical thinking.

  • Last but not least: wooden toys are simply beautiful
    You want your child to play with beautiful toys? Then reach for well-made wooden toys. It has its own beauty. Whether bright colors or natural wooden look - toys made of wood are simply beautiful.
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Is every wooden toy safe?

Wood is a material that is perfect for making baby toys. Nevertheless, it is important to consider some criteria when buying:

  • No small parts should come loose from wooden toys for babies and toddlers. Make sure that the toy is made of high quality, if small parts are present.
  • Prefer toys made of untreated solid wood. Avoid toys made of plywood or particle board that are not labeled with the appropriate seals. This can lead to the release of formaldehyde or other harmful substances.
  • Look for the GS mark and the test institution and test number. This guarantees compliance with legal requirements regarding harmful substances and safety.
  • If the wooden toy is treated with paints and varnishes, it must comply with the standards DIN EN 71-3 and DIN EN 71-9.
  • Find out more about safe wooden toys at Stiftung Warentest or ÖKO-Test.

The best way to clean wooden toy

Wooden toys are durable, but over time they come into contact with germs and bacteria. It is passed extensively through children's hands, ends up on the floor and finds its way into their mouths. Although wood contains tanning agents that have a natural antibacterial effect, regular cleaning is still advisable.

For optimal material-friendly cleaning, it's best to use lukewarm water with highly diluted vinegar and a splash of dishwashing liquid. Using an unused cloth or sponge, gently rub the surface with the water-vinegar-detergent mixture. If the wooden toy is untreated, you can also sand down heavily soiled, uneven and brittle areas. For this purpose, we recommend sandpaper with a 100 grit. Then rub the toy with a cotton cloth and dry it - if possible - in the sun.

IMPORTANT: Wooden toys do not belong in the dishwasher or in the water bath!

Wooden toys definitely do not belong in the dishwasher or in the water bath. The surface of the natural material is sensitive to moisture. With such strong water contact, the toy will swell and lose its original shape. This also applies to painted wooden toys.


Do not disinfect!
Wooden surfaces must also not be treated with disinfectants. The aggressive disinfectant can attack the material. There is also a risk that residues of the agent will stick to the toy, end up in the child's mouth and irritate the mucous membranes.

Are wooden toys ecological and sustainable?

If you choose your wooden toys carefully, the answer is clearly yes!

Wood - compared to plastic - is ecological and sustainable. Wood is a living material and appeals to children's senses. The natural, renewable raw material is robust and durable. It can also be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. In many respects, wood is preferable to plastic. However, other factors play a role in sustainability. Pollutant-free paints are just as decisive as high-quality environmentally conscious processing, ecologically compatible cultivation and fair production conditions. If all criteria are met, wooden toys are definitely ecological and sustainable. Relying on regional manufacturers is also related to sustainability.

Sustainability at HERR DU FRAU KLEIN
We at HERR UND FRAU KLEIN do not only pay attention to outstanding designs and great quality. For us, a clearly provable clean origin as well as responsible production are also of great importance.

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Shopping tips: Wooden toys for all ages

Children develop enormously fast. Within a few months they learn to crawl and eventually walk. With the right toys, you can encourage their development. With us you will find beautiful wooden toys from baby to elementary school age.

Wooden toys for 0 - 6 months

In the first two months of life, your baby gets used to life outside your belly. Toys are not needed, your closeness is more important.
From about 3 months, your baby can recognize things. He will turn his head and follow them. Hand motor skills improve, which is why we recommend graspers. Since some babies start teething at this time, we recommend a combination of rattle and teething ring.

Wooden toys for 6 - 12 months

Babies at this age can already see in three dimensions. Eye-hand coordination also works amazingly well. We also have the right wooden toys for this age.

Wooden toys for 12 - 24 months

Your baby is now a toddler. He is trying to walk and his movements are getting better, safer and more coordinated. At this age, stacking toys as well as pull-along toys are very popular.

Wooden toys for 24 - 36 months

Your toddler becomes more and more mobile at the latest at the age of 2. With great curiosity, he explores the functions of his toys. Building blocks are now very popular. Toys for role-playing games also find great interest.

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KIC Holzkueche

Wooden toys for 3 - 5 years

Your child's urge to move continues to increase. He is creative and likes to play with other children. The imagination becomes limitless. As a toy is now interesting that imitates real life- for example, a cute wooden kitchen.

Wooden toys from 5 years

At 5 years old, your child can quietly occupy himself for a slightly longer period of time. In addition to movement, toys that promote concentration are now interesting. From our wooden assortment we recommend, for example, ball tracks for different ages.