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How to find the right child seat

It goes without saying that your little treasure should be properly secured during your car ride. But finding the right car seat is not that easy. There are many different models on the market, which unfortunately do not always meet the same safety standards. But what to look for when buying a baby car seat? Do I orient myself by age, body size or weight? What are reboarders and how do I install my car seat?
We at HERR UND FRAU KLEIN are happy to advise you, help you find the right car seat and clarify all open questions.

Swandoo Autokindersitz
  1. Can I combine my infant carrier with the stroller?
    With the appropriate adapters, infant carriers can be attached to almost all stroller models. Find out about this possibility at the time of purchase.
  2. What is an Isofix device?
    Isofix is an internationally standardized fastening system for child car seats. Isofix attachments have been installed in most cars since 2006, and they have been mandatory since 2014.
  3. Can I use my car seat without Isofix?
    We recommend that you always click your car seat correctly into the Isofix device. This provides additional safety, the be-all and end-all of car travel.
  4. How long will my baby fit in the car seat?
    That depends on the size. Group 0+ child seats can be used up to 13kg or up to a height of 90cm. This corresponds to an age of about 15 months.

What groups are child seats divided into?

In child seats we distinguish the groups 0 to III and some mixed groups. Which group is the right one for my child? In the past, the division was usually indicated as 0-1 year, 2-4 years and 5-14 years. However, the age is only used as a guide, today is determined according to body weight, as the decisive factor is the fit.

Note: Car seats therefore please never buy "to grow in"! After all, they should protect your child now and not in a few months.

Very important for your decision for the right child seat: It's nice if you already know the brand, your friend also had one or you like the design - the decisive factor is safety. So please be sure to read the latest test results for the respective category. This is also how we compile our range of baby car seats and child seats.

Tip: Since car seats and infant carriers are only allowed to participate in tests if they are new or have been significantly revised, you may not find a great seat in the current test. So feel free to check out the penultimate test as well. The evaluation criteria and scoring scheme change very rarely. So you can also compare between different tests.

This is how the individual child seat groups are defined:

As you will see in a moment, in addition to the clear age or size divisions, there are also so-called mixed groups, which combine several groups in the duration of use. These groups save you a little cost, but that is the only advantage they have. You can read more about this below.

Cybex Cloud

Child seat group 0+

  • Weight: 0-13 kg
  • Age: 0 to approx. 15 months
  • Size: 40-90 cm

This is how the "beginners" travel. Because in this group you will find the so-called "baby seats" or "car seats" - to the delight of a very certain manufacturer also like to be falsely called "Maxicosi". They are the right choice from newborn up to about 13 kg body weight. Like the Cybex Cloud I-Size, for example.
All baby car seats of the group 0+ are reboarder, so they can be mounted exclusively against the direction of travel. In the event of a frontal impact accident (the most common type of accident), the impact energy is dissipated into the padding over the entire back of the body. This significantly reduces the risk of serious injuries, especially in the sensitive neck and throat area.
The safest method of fastening is with an Isofix base, as this virtually eliminates the possibility of incorrect operation. However, baby car seats can always be fastened in the car with a three-point belt, because there are still many cars on the road that do not allow Isofix fastening. By the way, the safest place for the baby car seat is in the right rear. On the passenger seat please only in exceptional cases, with the seat fully retracted and switched off passenger airbag!!!

Note: Almost any baby car seat can now be attached to the child seat instead of a seat or reclining tub with the appropriate adapters. Unfortunately, you can still bring the very few baby seats outside the car in a real sleeping position. If the infant carrier of your choice does not offer such a possibility, your orthopedist will strongly advise you not to leave your baby in the infant carrier for more than 45-60 minutes without a break in order to protect the baby's sensitive back.

Cybex Sirona

Child seat group 0+/I

  • Weight: 0-18 kg
  • Age: From birth to 4 years
  • Size: 40-100 cm.

The so-called "second" seat. This group is suitable for children between 0 and 18 kg. You can mount the seats in both directions. So babies who find the infant carrier too tight at an early age can first be seated against, and later, when their neck muscles are strong enough, with the direction of travel. For example, the Sirona I-Size from Cybex.

Note: You CANNOT carry these seats around or attach them to your stroller! That's why most parents choose the infant car seat first.

Child seat group I/II/III - NOT RECOMMENDED!

  • Weight: 9-36 kg
  • Age: 1-12 years
  • Size: 75-150 cm

These child seats for children between 9 and 36 kg can be used for a very long time due to their design. Many manufacturers and dealers sell you this as an advantage - we think it is a dangerous disadvantage! Just take a quick look at the safety equipment of a car - today and ten years ago. Do you want to do without such huge advances in your child's safety? Therefore, we never have such seats in our assortment and we strongly advise against them.

Cybex Anoris

Child seats group II/III

  • Weight: 15 - 36 kg
  • Age: 3,5-12 years
  • Size: 95-150 cm

The "last" seat is for larger children weighing 15 to 36 kg or up to a height of 150 cm. They are always mounted in the direction of travel as a matter of principle, as the neck muscles of children in these age groups are already very well developed. An example of this is the Solution I-Fix from Cybex. In this child seat size, the child is already held in place by the vehicle's 3-point belt, which is threaded through a guide provided for this purpose on the seat in just a few simple steps. Recently, there is even the world's first child seat with its own airbag!

Note: Often with these child seats for large people forget to engage the Isofix attachment in the car. The empty seat then becomes a projectile in the event of an accident!