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Changing Mats

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The changing mat - what do you have to look out for!

Changing mat, changing table pad or changing pad? Your changing place has many names - and many tasks. To make it as comfortable and practical as possible for dressing, washing or nursing, you definitely need a good changing mat. It is important that the changing mat is comfortable, does not irritate your baby's skin and does not let moisture through. And it doesn't hurt if you like it too! In our shop, you'll find pretty and functional changing pads and changing mats from Cam Cam Copenhagen, Koeka, Nobodinoz, Leander and Liewood.


What do you use as a changing pad?
The surface of the pad should feel comfortable against baby's skin and either be wipeable or have a washable cover. There are changing pads with covers that can be changed or wipeable changing pads.

Why a changing pad?
A changing pad provides protection and security. Since you will be changing quite a bit, your baby should be as comfortable as possible. A hygienic pad that is water repellent and easy to clean is therefore ideal.

What is the right position for a changing mat?
A changing mat should lie securely and stably on your changing place. And above all, it should be non-slip. Your baby will then usually lie in a hollow between the slightly raised edges of the pad.

How many changing mats do you need?
At least one pad for home and one foldable changing pad for on the go. If you have a pillow with covers, you will definitely need 2-3 covers to change.

Leander Matty sage green

Which changing mat suits you and your baby?

It is best to search for the perfect changing mat before the birth. It is practical if you buy a changing mat for at home and one for on the way. You can either place a changing mat for at home on your changing table. This usually has a wooden pad, such as those from Leander or Oliver Furniture. Of course, you can also place a changing pad on a "normal" chest of drawers. However, this should then be deep enough so that the changing pad rests securely. It is important for a changing pad to have a surface that is comfortable and easy to clean, like the Leander Matty.

Changing pad with removable washable cover

A changing pad with a cover has the advantage that you can change the color, design and material of the cover at any time. We recommend covers made of organic materials that are gentle to baby's delicate skin. The cover of a changing pad should also be easily removable and machine washable. After all, the legendary "malör" is not the exception, but the rule. The cushion itself is usually about 60-70 cm long and about 50 cm wide and should be made of absolutely non-toxic hygienic material, so that it can be easily cleaned and no germs are formed.

Wickelkissenbezug Nobodinoz

Wipe clean changing mat - Our favorite: the Leander Matty

Changing table pads are usually equipped with a raised edge on three sides. This provides security and creates a cozy space in which your baby feels safe. In addition, your child can not turn so easily. Nevertheless, please always remember the golden diaper changing rule: always keep one hand on the child!

The Matty changing mat from Leander is just as safe and comfortable a changing place. The chic pad has a practical size of 70 x 50 cm and fits on all standard changing chests. If you want to use it on a "normal" chest of drawers, it should be at least 50 cm deep so that the non-slip rubber feet on the underside find a secure grip. The smooth surface is wipeable and disinfectable. Thanks to the special material, the pad also never feels cold, but always warm and velvety, like your baby's skin. So you can actually use the Matty without any other pad. But of course you can also put a small topper or towel on it for an extra feel-good portion.

Small tip: The Matty is also a super second changing place in the bathroom and fits perfectly on your washing machine.

Faltbare Wickelunterlage Nobidinoz

Changing on the go with the right changing mat

On-the-go changing mats are much smaller and thinner than those for home, but they are all quilted and padded so you can comfortably change your baby on a trip. Changing pads and changing mats for on the go are available in different sizes, colors and patterns.

It is important to have a water repellent surface that you can easily clean on the go. The changing pads for on the go are usually foldable or to roll up so that they take up as little space as possible in the backpack or diaper bag.

Many diaper bags, diaper bags or diaper backpacks already come with a water-repellent changing pad. Otherwise, there is also a wide selection of changing pads that are available individually.

If you want to know more about the diaper bag or diaper backpack, you can find tips and tricks in our diaper bag guide.

What size should your changing mat be?

Changing mats come in many different sizes. The most common usually have about 50 x 60 or 70 x 80 cm. It is best to measure your changing area at home beforehand. It is practical if there is enough space left on the changing table for important utensils. So you always have everything at hand.

What material should your changing mat have?

Changing mats are available in various fabrics or plastics. For both options, make sure that the materials used are free of any harmful substances. Whether you prefer to put the whole cloth changing mat in the washing machine or buy several individual covers to change is a matter of taste. We think changeable covers are great. Not only can you change the color and design to add a little variety to the changing table, but you can also use different fabric textures like cotton or terry. This way your baby will always be cozy and comfortable and you can even adjust the cover to the seasons. For example, terry cloth in winter and organic cotton in summer!

Wickelkissenbezug Koeka

Your changing table should always be hygienically clean. When buying materials, make sure that you are durable and washable. Wipeable and disinfectable surfaces are always an advantage.

Tip: Please check if the manufacturer of your changing table gives special instructions! The water-based varnishes used almost everywhere today are absolutely free of harmful substances, but often not quite as insensitive as the old "chemical varnishes". So it's best not to leave damp cloths lying around for long and to wipe off liquids as soon as possible.

Why do I need a changing mat?

  • Protection: a changing area with a changing pad is quite easy to clean. The pads are waterproof and can even be disinfected if needed. Cloth changing pads and covers can be washed in the washing machine.
  • Security: A changing mat provides warmth and a comfortable lying feeling. Your baby will relax more easily during diapering if he or she is lying on a soft and warm pad.
  • Safety: Changing mats are often equipped with a raised edge on three sides. This provides a certain level of protection. Nevertheless, please remember: Always have one hand on the child!
  • Frequent swaddling: In the beginning, you will change your newborn every 2-3 hours. Later, your child will need fresh diapers 4-6 times a day. That's why it's especially important that your little darling feels comfortable during diapering.
  • Diaper everywhere: With a foldable changing mat for on the go you are flexible and can change your baby hygienically and comfortably, no matter where you are.