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The first bed for your baby

It may sound surprising, but newborns feel especially comfortable in smaller cribs for the first few months after birth. They give them a feeling of security, closeness and safety - just like in the womb. During sleep, the babies' arms and legs touch the edge of the crib and they feel as if they are in a protective nest. The compact but still sufficient lying surface of cribs and cradles makes them a nice place to settle in for the first 5-6 months.

ATTENTION: No matter at what age: as soon as the little ones can pull themselves up, the cradle and crib are no longer suitable, because then there is a danger of falling!


What size should an extra bed have?
Most cribs have a lying surface of 80x40cm. However, it is crucial that you can set the baby's lying surface as high as possible as the top edge of your mattress! One or two fingers lower is a popular trick to prevent the little one from rolling over to you at night.

Why do I need an extra bed?
The side bed is attached directly to the parent's bed. It is open on one side so that your baby can sleep with you from the beginning and mom doesn't have to get up to breastfeed. The closeness also provides a feeling of security and your baby is easier to soothe.

What should I look for when buying an extra bed?
Safety, quality and height are the most important keywords here. And always make sure you buy the right baby mattress. As with all sleeping arrangements, if in doubt, it's better to buy a used crib and a super mattress than the other way around.

What do you need a bassinet for?
A bassinet has wheels and can be used flexibly. You can easily move it from the master bedroom to the living room. This gives you more room to move and your baby a familiar place to sleep, no matter where he or she falls asleep. By the way, the ingenious crib from Oliver Furniture can do both!

How long can you use an extra bed?
That depends on the nature and development of your child: but about up to 6 months, larger beds possibly a little longer. If your baby becomes very active or already pulls himself up, it is best to switch to a crib.

Oliver Furniture Co-Sleeper

What are the advantages of an extra bed?

Rollaway cribs are a very nice alternative to regular baby cribs. They have many practical features and create a protective nest for your baby. This offers security, protection and above all closeness. Especially in the first weeks, when restful sleep is very important for everyone, closeness plays an important role. With an order crib you have your baby very close to you, but at the same time it has its own safe area to sleep. But the best thing is: if your baby wakes up during the night, you can comfortably bring him to you with one movement, without getting up. You can soothe him, nurse or feed him, and then simply put him back in his sleeping area. That way, you'll both quickly find your way back to restful sleep.

Increase the uses of your bassinet!

Some manufacturers, such as Oliver Furniture, have already found great solutions to use your side bed during the day as well. Equipped with wheels, they can be used as a bassinet. To do this, the rollaway bed is detached from the parent's bed and, very importantly, the locking gate is closed. This way, the crib turns into a mobile bed and can be wherever you are. The child is with you, feels safe and has a peaceful sleep.

Tip: The Oliver Furniture WOOD crib, for example, is a true multi-talent. It is designed in such a way that it can be used as a sofa or bench at a later stage in the nursery.

Oliver Furniture Beistellbett
Oliver Furniture Bank

All the advantages of the baby crib at a glance:

  • Feeling of security
  • Dimensions: The smaller lying surface creates a cozy little nest
  • Space-saving: fits next to mom's bed even in a small bedroom
  • Closeness: Your baby has his own sleeping area, but is only a hand's length away
  • no getting up in the night
  • many models are multifunctional
  • Height adjustment
  • Closure grid

What size should the extra bed have?

Most cribs have an approximate lying surface of 80 x 40 cm, which varies from crib to crib. This area is completely sufficient, because the extra bed is only used in the first months. Due to the protective border of the extra bed, your baby is kept safe at the beginning. Good baby cribs have a flexible height adjustment, very good ones even stepless, so you can adjust them to almost all common bed heights. If you are looking for an extra bed for a box spring bed, you should definitely pay attention to the necessary height.

Which mattress fits into your extra bed?

To make the extra bed a nice and safe place of well-being for your little one, a mattress of good quality is indispensable. Here are a few important points to consider when buying the right mattress:

  • Mattress should be free of any harmful substances
  • Breathable and very good air circulation
  • hardness of the mattress core should be adapted to the needs of a newborn
  • Removable and washable mattress cover

These are all very important points, so we heartily recommend the mattresses of the Upper Austrian brand Träumeland. Träumeland has been considered one of the best, if not THE best brand for baby, children and youth mattresses for years.

TIP: Träumeland can also produce almost all mattresses in individual special dimensions for a small surcharge, if you have an old family heirloom, for example, that doesn't fit today's standard proportions.

How do you attach a side bed to the bed?

It's usually very simple. The side beds are attached directly to the parent bed with the open side. Many cribs can be attached to the parent bed very quickly without tools. Depending on the model, you can use loops or hooks to attach the crib to the frame of your bed securely and without slipping.

Charlie Crane Wiege

Cradle and bassinet

Another nice option of a compact sleeping space for the little new arrival is offered by a baby cradle or a bassinet. Both usually also have a smaller lying surface and thus also the nesting effect. In addition, as the name suggests, a cradle lulls your little treasure wonderfully gently to sleep.

Cradle and bassinet are usually free-standing, so they are not connected to the parent's bed. In both variants, the basket is closed all around and there is no open side. So during the night you actively get up and take your baby out of the cradle or bassinet and also put it back in. As for mobility - the bassinet is just as mobile as a side bed with wheels. In the cradle, on the other hand, the base has runners. But in return, it has the great advantage that it can have a calming effect on your baby due to the gentle rocking motion. Like for example the cradle from Leander or the cradle Kumi from Charlie Crane.

If you have any questions, just stop by, we look forward to working with you to find the perfect sleeping space for your baby. See you soon, your HERR UND FRAU KLEIN Team.