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The History Of Leander

Telling the story of Leander never bores us. It all started in 1998. Stig Leander, who served his apprenticeship as blacksmith, had for some time worked on developing a dining chair with replaceable seat and back. While his work progressed, his sister-in-law became pregnant with twins. And with the pregnancy, an idea came to life.

Has anyone developed a cradle or cot that sooths and stimulates a child’s development? Stig kept asking himself that question over and over again. In fact, he thought about it so much that he eventually decided to find the answer himself. By using cardboard, glue and thread, slowly an idea started to emerge. The same goes for the history of Leander. A company was born.

Leander Luna
It Has To Make Sense

The Leander cradle grew from a need and from a wish to create simple and functional furniture. Stig Leander had seen what nobody had seen before. He saw the vision of a cradle that would offer something new. In design and function. Only a year after the first models were ready in the workshop, the first Leander cradles were available in stores in Denmark. And within only a few years, the idea grew from one man’s idea and one product into an entrepreneurial adventure and later became an international furniture manufacturer with activities in more than 40 countries.

Stig Leander’s ability to see and unite shape and function has created a unique range of furniture for children. A range that is strong enough to stand alone - and a range that is much more than merely furniture.

Leander Linea
The Philosophy Behind The Design

Step by step we would like to give more meaning to our work. The high quality materials ensure that Joolz prams are extremely durable and last a lifetime. We use recycled plastic bottles for some of our fabrics and our Essentials collection is made from extremely soft organic cotton.

Leander Classic
All The Care In The World

Leander is much more than furniture design. We believe in supporting families all over the world to create a meaningful everyday life.

To us, designing baby and children’s furniture is a passion driven by purpose; It has to make a positive difference for you and your child, and we devote all our attention to do so. Whether it is bringing parents and new-born closer together at night, solving a practical problem with changing nappies or creating a safe way for families to gather around the dinner table.

Great design is a matter of course for us. But a design is never better than the need and purpose it fulfills. We combine carefully thought-out functionality with material, shape and uncompromising quality obtaining furniture that are handcrafted to fit the child. Never the other way around.

Becoming a parent is special. It is an intensely emotional journey filled with breathtaking moments and difficult choices. Embrace it and leave the rest to us.