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Designed for parents
The prams of the Dutch mobility expert Bugaboo are characterized by extremely easy handling, high-quality materials and many years of technical experience. Whether the Bugaboo Fox2, Cameleon3, Bee6 or Donkey3: in Bugaboo‘s assortment there is a perfect match for new families‘ every requirement. The handling of the various models of Bugaboo is a joy thanks to its large, sprung wheels and the perfectly balanced turning point - driving on any surface and around any corner is child's play.
Bugaboo Fox2 Mood 1
Designed to fit your life
We’ve always understood the challenges and joy of being a parent. It’s a time when everything changes, but a time when some things don’t have to change – like getting out and about, hanging-out with friends, or family weekends away – the right stroller now, will make a difference for years to come.
Designed to go where other strollers don’t
Your Bugaboo is always ready to roll. That’s because it’s fitted with possibly the best set of wheels any parent will ever own, comes with power steering and is recognized as the smoothest ride around. Handles great on city sidewalks or forest paths, snow-covered streets or sandy beaches. Bugaboo has got you covered.
Bugaboo Fox Family
Bugaboo Donkey Mood
Designed to be used, built to last
A Bugaboo is a true investment. Designed around every parent, and built from high-quality, high-performing materials, our strollers are tested for real life and are built to grow with the changing needs of children and families. Made from light, durable, and easily recyclable materials, all Bugaboo’s are also built with sustainability in mind. We’re here for the future.
Designed to suit your style
Whether you prefer a classic look or to make a statement, there’s always a Bugaboo stroller to suit your style. From bold to subtle colors, our wide range of fabrics, grips and wheel caps make it easy for you to create a stroller to call your own. And if you’re just feeling like you need a change, mix different colors and accessories to create a whole new look.
Pram advice or test drive?
"Which pram is the best?" our customers often ask us. And the answer is always different. Because as different parents and their needs are, as different "the best pram" looks: Does it have to fit into a small elevator? Should it go over hill and dale or whizz through the city centre? We look forward to finding out with you what suits you best. Take a spontaneous test drive in our pram showroom on the first floor. Send us your suggested dates to We look forward to seeing you!