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About Babyzen
"Unfolded, it fits easily through the metro revolving doors, meanders on the sidewalks, and fits easily through the aisles in buses or restaurants. The Yoyo has nothing in common with the old, bulky strollers that earned you a glare in restaurants."

– Julien Chaudeurge (CEO & co-founder of Babyzen)
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A new generation of strollers
“Why do pushchairs have to be bulky, impractical, and are usually not stylish?” Five French dads asked themselves that question. They then took on the challenge of rethinking everything from scratch in order to develop a new generation of strollers. If you have children, you know how cumbersome traveling or taking the subway or shopping can be with a bulky stroller. Therefore, it had to be a stroller that makes everyday life easier for parents. The result is an urban stroller for parents, who are always on the go: The Babyzen YOYO+.
Perfect for urban life
Ultra-compact, lightweight, and foldable with one hand, it adapts perfectly to the urban life of modern parents. Whether as a stroller or a buggy – with the YOYO+ it is as easy and comfortable as never before to walk around town with the kids, to go shopping, or to travel.
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Comfort meets quality
With the YOYO2, BABYZEN remains true to its philosophy: style and comfort meets the highest quality and practicality. With the YOYO from BABYZEN you are well equipped for the next vacation as well as for everyday life. The unique folding mechanism makes the YOYO the most compact stroller and makes life easier for families all over the world.
Pram advice or test drive?
"Which pram is the best?" our customers often ask us. And the answer is always different. Because as different parents and their needs are, as different "the best pram" looks: Does it have to fit into a small elevator? Should it go over hill and dale or whizz through the city centre? We look forward to finding out with you what suits you best. Take a spontaneous test drive in our pram showroom on the first floor.

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