YOYO Rolling Bag

79,95 €

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The YOYO Rolling Bag from Babyzen is an innovative shopping bag that travels with you. It has a patented rolling base and can hold up to 10 kg in weight or 40 liters in volume. With just one click, it hooks onto the YOYO² in all konfigurations in seconds. Thanks to an ingenious roller system, the YOYO Rolling Bag lies stable and tip-proof on the road. At the same time, the stroller, which can be steered with one hand, remains extremely maneuverable and easy to maneuver.
The times when strollers tipped dangerously backwards due to overloading are finally over! If you take the shopping bag down from the roll base, two carrying handles ensure easy handling and a flat base for safe standing. The stroller can also be folded with roll base (without bag) as usual compact.

The most important details:

  • height adjustable
  • fits all configurations
  • stable and tilt-resistant
  • Sizes: 45 x 23 cm

Care instructions: washable up to 30°C