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WOOD Nursery Dresser 6 drawers with Nursery Top large 118x91x76,4cm

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About the Wood Nursery Dresser

In Wood nursery dresser function is beautifully combined with storage. The 6 spacious drawers provide ample space for nursery essentials — keeping them at hand, so that you never have to turn your back on your baby. The nursery plate's rounded edges and the generous amount of space makes for a safe and comfortable nursing environment — with room for movement and play as well as the important intimate contact between baby and parent.

Visual sophistication

Wood nursery dresser has rounded edges on the back face as well, visually distinguishing it from the wall. The 6 solid and spacious drawers run effortlessly on high quality rails. A special 'soft lock'-function dampens the closing of drawers and doors, so small fingers won't get pinched. The sides of the dresser are designed with integrated, rounded hooks for hanging decorative objects — or as a practical tool on busy days where things should be easily accessible. Hooks and footings come in solid oak or white lacquered birch, and — like the handmade leather pulls — add to the quality of the handcrafted furniture.


Wood nursery dresser are available with plates in 2 sizes — covering either half or the entire surface of the dresser. The smaller nursery plate is designed to hold a single changing cushion, while the larger plate has room for two. With the discrete edges, both the small and the large nursery plate create a visual harmony when combined with the dresser. When the plates are no longer needed, they are easily removed — transforming the furniture to a dresser of timeless qualities. This feature included, Wood nursery dresser accommodate Oliver Furniture's basic philosophy that high quality furniture is an investment for life.

Highest Quality

Like all other items from Oliver Furniture, the nursery plates are made in Europe and designed to meet the strict EU norms for safety and health. We use the best possible materials, which must pass strict FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) demands for certification, and finished products are treated with only non-toxic interior lacquer and paint. Non-visible screws — a defining trade of Oliver furniture — emphasises the design and impeccable quality of our products. The nursery plates are part of our exclusive Wood Collection, which seeks to highlight the natural layers of beauty hiding in wood as a material.

Important details:

  • Nursery Dresser in nordic design
  • Spacious interior
  • "Soft-lock" drawers
  • Including removable nappy changing attachment
  • Sustainably produced in Europe
  • Only sustainable, European materials used
  • Complies with all EU health and safety standards

Material & Dimensions:

  • W:118 x H:91,6 x D:76,4 cm
  • white/Oak: solid beech wood, solid oak wood, ecological MDF-plates
  • white: Solid beech wood, ecological MDF-plate
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