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WOOD Mini+ Baby bed 68x122cm white/oak

949,00 €

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It°s really hard to pass by this great baby bed from Oliver Furniture. Namely, the unique model combines clean lines with soft expression and innovative design.

The crib has two height settings, a short grid side and three removable bars. When you set up the crib for your newborn, you can fix the slatted frame in the highest position. This is more gentle on your back and makes it easier for you to put your little treasure in and lift it out. As soon as your baby can sit up and pull himself up on the bars, you should lower the slatted frame so that your sunshine does not fall out.

As your baby becomes more independent, you can remove three bars to create a little loophole. Of course, the bars can also be removed completely and either replaced with a short grid side or left out completely.

With these four functions, the crib always adapts to the developmental stage of your sparrow and can thus be used longer.

Your treasure can sleep in it for several years, this gives security and the crib is a retreat and a feel-good oasis.

The Wood crib is made of solid wood, is manufactured in Europe and of course complies with European safety standards and norms. Each product is painted with non-toxic water-based paints. Due to the high quality standard of Oliver Furniture, it will give a lot of pleasure to the next generation.

The invisible screws give the bed a clear and exclusive design and are a trademark of Oliver Furniture.

Maximum weight load of the slatted frames (static weight): 30 kg

The most important Details:

  • Dimensions: W 76 × L 146 × H 86 cm
  • two height settings
  • short grid side
  • three removable bars
  • adapts to the stage of development
  • complies with European safety standards and norms
  • painted with non-toxic water-based paints
  • made of solid wood
  • invisible screws