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Buggy Mood
The history of Påhoj

Påhoj is a Swedish company founded by industrial designer and mom Lycke von Schantz. Her idea to combine walking and cycling with her child became her master thesis during her studies at the School of Industrial Design in Lund, Sweden. Soon after, she received inquiries from parents all over the world and realized that there was a global demand for the product she was thinking about. The venture to bring PåHoj to the market was thus born from the desire to give you and your child the freedom to experience urban adventures together.

Our goal

We believe that we should all travel by bicycle. Imagine a city without pollution, noise and CO2, where we can discover hidden gems and new adventures together. Using the bicycle and letting your child ride along is a great way to manifest good habits from childhood to adulthood. As we say in Sweden: "Children do what you do and not what you tell them". We wish you a good trip!... and off we go!

Bike Seat