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Organic cotton Baby Hammock incl. Kapok mattress stone

199,00 €

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Especially in the first months after birth, your little baby feels most comfortable in a cosy, confining place like the Moonboon cradle. The soft fabric cover and the quiet rocking movements transmit a feeling of security, closeness and safety - just like in your belly the months before. Here, your little mouse finds peace, relaxes and can fall asleep deeply and soundly.

The feather cradle consists of a soft organic fabric, which is held apart by a crossbar made of walnut wood. In the middle of the fabric is a small, soft mattress on which it is possible to slumber comfortably into dreamland. It is made of natural, hypoallergenic kapok filling and the cover is made of organic cotton. The cradle is either mounted on the ceiling with hooks or hung with a door frame bracket. However, the door frame must not be wider than 25 cm. Moonboon has also developed a special frame on which you can hang the spring cradle. All mounting options are safe, so you can decide which one you prefer according to your needs.

You can put your baby in the cradle immediately after birth. This is even recommended, because when your baby grows up and becomes more and more interested in its surroundings, it can happen that it doesn't want to lie in it so much and even has to get used to it.

In addition to the safety and security that the cradle provides, like in mummy's tummy, it also promotes your little one's balance and motor skills. The steady rocking movements stimulate the organ of balance, which is located in the inner ear, and boost motor development. A spring cradle can also help with colic or reflux. The slightly raised head minimises the risk of stomach acid flowing into the oesophagus.

The practical spring cradle is very easy to pack up and store away. The scope of delivery includes a bag that is suitable for the cradle, the spring and the mattress. There is also enough space for the matching door clamp and the motor. So you can always take a piece of home with you on holiday, to family or friends.

ATTENTION: Spring cradles are not suitable for children who can sit, kneel or pull themselves up.

The most important details:

  • gives the feeling of safety and security like in mummy's tummy
  • can help with reflux and colic
  • easy to assemble
  • can be used immediately after birth
  • easy to stow away
  • maximum load: 15 kg
  • weight: 1 kg
  • dimensions: 90 x 35 cm

Scope of delivery:
Spring cradle
Walnut crossbar
Spring with rotating snap hook, safety strap and cover
Snap hook
Four plastic parts to attach to the metal brackets of the spring cradle

Spring cradle: 100% organic cotton,
mattress: filling: 100% kapok, cover: 100% organic cotton
Crossbar: walnut wood

Care instructions:
Feather cradle: wash by hand at 40°.
Mattress: air it outdoors about once a month