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NOMi Highchair Oak/Oak

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The next generation high chair

The Nomi high chair enables active and ergonomic sitting at eye level with grownups. It's designed to let your child sit at the table independently. For this purpose the bracket is clamped to the seat and backrest of the Nomi high chair.
As soon as your child is able to climb up and down the chair by himself, the bar can be removed.

Esstisch Geschehen
The center column — the back of the Nomi

The center column provides the correct seat depth, so that your child can participate with older kids and has an overview of everything. It gives the chair stability and flexibility. Its special shape ensures that the seat height and seat depth are always in sync.

Continuous adjustment

Both the seat and the footrest have a rotary knob with which the height of the chair can be easily adjusted. So you can quickly and easily adjust the Nomi high chair to the size of your child.
As a special safety measure, the conical shape of the center column, which thickens downward, prevents the seat and footrest from suddenly slipping off if the knob is not tightened properly.

Hochstuhl hinten

When your child lifts himself or herself off the table, the small rollers on the rear cross supports provide optimal protection against tipping the chair. Please note, however, that small children should never sit unattended in a high chair.

The Nomi concept has been tested and approved by TÜV, SGS and the Danish Technological Institute according to the latest safety standards.

NOTE! Before use, make sure that the NOMI Mini bracket is firmly attached to the backrest and seat element by pulling it in the opposite direction.

Important Details:

  • By Swedish designer Peter Opsvik, inventor of the Stokke Tripp Trapp
  • Sustainable
  • Can be used from birth with optional accessories
  • For different age groups
  • Stepless height adjustment of the seat and footrest, completely without tools
  • Automatic adjustment of the seat depth due to special center column shape
  • Footrest for additional support
  • Ergonomic backrest supports arms and back
  • Open design for independent climbing up and down
  • Organic curves prevent injuries
  • Two small rolles on the rear cross supports for optimum anti-tilt protection
  • Capable of carrying up to 130kg
  • Seat height: 52-58 cm
  • Seat area: 25x36 cm
  • Size: W52 x T59 x 83,5 cm
  • Weight: 4,9 kg