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Baby Softtub white

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Just like in mummy's tummy!

This cute foldable bath bucket is innovative, flexible to use and sustainable. It comes from the pen of NP Estrup. Together with his wife Trine Johanson, he has further developed the concept of a bath bucket for newborns, optimised it and adapted it to today's needs.

The tub is made of a soft, foldable material. It feels pleasant on the baby's delicate skin and adjusts very quickly to the desired water temperature. Thanks to the size, your baby sits as if in mummy's tummy and feels safe and secure in its familiar surroundings. The practical size means you only need a very small amount of water (only five litres) and the soft material can maintain the temperature better than a conventional bathtub.

A soothing and relaxing bathing experience - not only for your newborn.

Tip: A temperature of around 37 degrees or slightly below is recommended for baby's bath water, but never above 38 degrees as this is too hot.

The most important details:

  • Suitable from birth to about 18 months (depending on the size of the child).
  • 75% water saving compared to conventional bath tubs
  • covers 80% of your baby's body
  • innovative design
  • Foldable bath bucket
  • hands and legs are movable - which positively influences the development of motor skills
  • tested according to all EU standards
  • Material: The bath bucket is made of PP and TPE plastic, which is recyclable, environmentally friendly and harmless.

Did you know? The Flexibad by Stokke also comes from Estrup!