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About Herr und Frau Klein

beate + stephan klein


Herr und Frau Klein, that’s us: Beate and Stephan Klein and our Team of almost 20 people. Our Children’s Concept Store in Vienna was the first of its kind in 2006 as we officially turned our backs on Advertising and opened our first 90m2 store. Together we’d had almost 30 years of concept and copywriting experience under our belts, even a Cannes Lion award in the bag, moved from Barcelona to Vienna and had lots of energy and ideas for the next exciting step: a shop for children's things with emphasis on contemporary design, clear environmental and social conditions for production, and quality organic materials.

What we didn’t have was a clue. Not one. No one in our family had ever had a business and so we made every mistake that was waiting patiently for us by the side of the road. One thing or another we have done well until now, otherwise we would not have, grown to 600m2 over 2 floors.
As parents of two young boys, most of our products went through the home-office test. We learned as much from the Montessori kindergarten of our sons as they did! And with the help of the many designers we have come to know over the years, our sense for great products has refined and sharpened. So we expanded our selection piece by piece.

We consult every day with enthusiasm, passion and great expertise and help to find the right things for each customer’s needs. We carry everything you need when you have small children - only beautiful, and very international. From Danish cribs to strollers from Holland, French baby-rattles, Norwegian high chairs, organic baby clothing from Spain, baby carriers from Belgium and Hawaii ... and indoor swings made from felt from the Bregenz Forest in Austria. All handpicked and each piece with its own history.

Our team is also very international: Italians, Spaniards, Moldovans, Germans, Bosnians, Filipinos, Americans, ... and a few Austrians. Do not be surprised by a charming accent when you call our us. Or about the sometimes original spelling and creative grammar in our webshop. We love this mix of exciting, intelligent and incredibly nice people who by the way in their first life worked as midwife, nutritionist, fashion designer, family therapist, nurse, explosives expert (no joke!), ... or as copywriters. Without them we would not be where we are. Thank you!